Sports & Recreation in Clearwater, Florida

Sports in Clearwater, Florida

The word "sport" means different things to different people. Some people think it means any recreational activity. Others think it means an activity which requires bodily exertion and maybe rules. Others think of football, baseball, and hockey, be they professional or amateur team sports. Others may think of individual competitive activities. Some people consider sports a land activity while others think of sports in relationship to water. But one thing is true, whatever one considers a "sport", it can be enjoyed in the greater Clearwater area.

In fact, Clearwater was selected as the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FLORIDA SPORTSTOWN in 2004. The selection, made by both Sports Illustrated and the National Recreation and Park Association, was based upon a variety of criteria, among which were the community’s commitment to parks and recreation resources and the scope of programming. Each year the city hosts hundreds of swimming, basketball, baseball and softball competitions, among others, bringing athletes to the area to compete but also to enjoy all Clearwater has to offer.

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