2016 Policy Agenda

2016 Policy Agenda

Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation Funding Support adequate State funding for transportation projects. Also support sustaining multimodal infrastructure funding for projects that enhance regional mobility.

-Support Express Transit service from TIA to Clearwater Beach

-Support increased transit options from Downtown to Clearwater Beach

Regional Transportation Authority-Support regional cooperation for transportation solutions within the Tampa Bay Region.

Vehicles for Hire– Develop and advocate a countywide model and work with adjoining communities to have an area wide cooperative effort.

Economic Development/ competetive business climate

Redevelopment -Support changes to local government ordinances to facilitate infill redevelopment and reflect the urban nature of our community.

Downtown Clearwater ULI Recommendations Support implementation of Urban Land Institute Recommendations for Downtown Redevelopment

                Bluff Master Plan- Monitor the progression of the bluff master plan.

Sales Tax:  Support the reduction or elimination of sales tax for commercial properties.

Flood Insurance Reform– Support extending the reforms of the federal flood insurance program to business properties and owner-occupied second homes, ensuring that these properties receive the same relief already provided to residential properties and single-family homes.

Workforce and Talent Development

Support increased funding for workforce development, training and continuing education programs to help the unemployed, career progression, and retention. Specifically focused on resources to help leverage technology and increased learning that can help the workforce with transferable skills and lifelong learning.

Increase funding of programs administered by Pinellas County Schools and local State Colleges that are focused on workforce development specifically Pinellas Technical Education Center (PTEC) programs and trade development programs.

Support the business and training organizations, community based organization, private and for-profit training providers, community colleges and others to help increase the opportunity for technical and vocational training programs across our region.

EARLY LEARNING – Support early learning initiatives at the local and national levels that engage in advancing policies that support high-quality early childhood education programs.

Immigration (Federal) – Support comprehensive federal immigration reform in order to avoid a patchwork of statutes intended to address illegal immigration.


Support and Facilitate Increased Tourism throughout the State and County - Continue adequate state funding of Visit Florida to ensure our state’s continued competitiveness in the area of tourism-oriented marketing.

Provide State and local incentives to encourage the growth and development of organized sporting events and competitions at all levels and the retention of baseball spring training in our community.

Offshore Drilling– Oppose any change to the existing federal or state laws that would expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bed Tax – Support the collection of the sixth cent and monitor allocation of tourism development tax dollars by the County.


Florida based approach to private sector insurance– Support the Florida Legislature to create a plan to extend health care coverage to the uninsured, help our hospitals, and change the paradigm of managing health care help lower overall healthcare costs to all.