Message from the President

As the President and CEO, I would like to introduce you to the new and compelling Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Our Chamber enters its 95th year of existence, and the 2017 year promises to be one of the most exciting in our history!  We are committed to an ambitious scope of work that is solely devoted to delivering value to the member.  In defiance of challenges, the Chamber stands as a beacon of light and hope for all businesspersons in the region.  By working together, we will strengthen our cohesiveness and empower your voice. 

You will find new and impassioned staff at the CRCC. You will find many new and renewed resources available to you to strengthen, develop, protect and grow your business.  We will keep you informed of every council, committee or event connected with the Chamber, designed to enhance your opportunities for business interaction and growth.    You will be amazed at the variety of opportunities available and the willingness of the staff to assist you in any way possible.  You will meet zealous volunteer committee and board members who oversee the activities at our chamber and work with dedication in the community to foster relationships and promote business synergies.  And, you will find an organization that works for you and champions your causes with voices to be heard by city hall, county officials, and even in Tallahassee.  I challenge you to make time to become involved in the work of at least one committee at CRCC – or, at least take the time to sit in on the meetings of a working committee.  The important issues addressed by committees guide the Board in its process of decision-making for the CRCC.  Committee work is where relationships are forged and where you will realize the most traction for elevating your business profile.  The logical progression of your engagement will not only enhance your success;  it will likely evolve into a leadership role, AND you may find yourself nominated to Board service and governance on a near horizon! 

I ask three things of you: 1) ENGAGE and BE INVOLVED!  You MUST make time to work on your business rather than in your business.    Your reach and influence grows every time you participate.  You learn more and meet more people every time you attend a meeting or an event.  [Strategizing from  your recliner at home yields predictable results!]  We will inform and encourage you to participate.  2)  Adopt a “Pay It Forward” mentality – assist a business colleague by getting them introduced to the opportunity and momentum of the Chamber [they will thank you for getting them out of their recliner!]; and,   3) ABC – Always Buy Chamber – patronize other Chamber members.  By prioritizing commerce with folks in our own communities, we keep our spending local and thereby enrich our own vendors and service providers.  We become even more effective when we work together to unite more and more businesses.

Thank you for your investment in the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Your return on this investment is certain to be new contacts and relationships, resources for problem solving and education, and tools to help expand your reach and grow your business.  Your participation and engagement are key!  I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming meetings or  events.


Carol A. Hague

President and CEO


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